Killer whales are more commonly known as orcas. They are among the most powerful predators on the planet even though they are basically just large dolphins. They have sharp, powerful teeth that help them hunt down sea lions, seals, and even whales. They can grab seals right off the ice and are known to also eat squids, seabirds, and fish.

They usually live in cold, coastal regions but can be found anywhere from the polar region to the equator. They travel in pods and hunt together which makes them a deadly group. The family group can consist of up to 40 individual whales. They can employ a multitude of techniques to kill different animals. The united front helps them become some of the most effective hunting techniques, resembling the deadly pack of wolves.

The killer whales communicate with a variety of different sounds. Every pod has a different set of noises that each member is familiar with. They can recognize these sounds from a large distance as well since they use echolocation techniques to communicate. This technique involves making sounds that travel underwater until they come across some object. These sound waves bounce back to reveal the exact shape, size, and location of the object. This technique is commonly used by radar devices in submarines and ships.

Unlike humans, they do not have an unconscious breathing reflex. This means that they do not continue to breathe automatically while they are asleep. They have to remain conscious even when they are sleeping since they have to actively decide to breathe. These magnificent creatures actively allow only half of their brain to fall asleep to protect themselves from suffocation.

This allows them to continue breathing, but also helps them keep an eye on the environment for any dangers. They close one eye while sleeping. If the right eye is closed, that means the left side of the brain is asleep and vice versa. This sleeping technique is called uni-hemispheric sleep. They swim close to the surface while sleeping in a steady and slow way.

They are also very protective of their young and any adolescent females in the pod help mothers look after the young. They are highly intelligent creatures, but there are still many threats that they face. Toxic waste and pollution, boat traffic, fishing nets and gear, and illegal trade are just some of the problems that orcas face.

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Gorilla is a really powerful animal but is more commonly known for its gentle, human-like behavior. They actually take care of the environment around them going out of their way to play a positive role in the local biodiversity, for example, they spread the seeds of any fruits that they eat.

They mostly live in tropical or subtropical forests of the world like the Sub Saharan Africa. Different types of gorillas like different elevated levels of the region. Mountain gorillas prefer the Albertine Rift mountainous region and thrive under the cloud forests of the area. Other lowland gorillas prefer marshes, dense forests, and swamps.

They walk using their knuckles as support but can walk around on two feet for some distances. The latter is usually when they are carrying food or get defensive. Mountain gorillas can also use other parts of their hands to walk.

They divide their day between activities and just like humans have travel, rest and feeding periods. Their diet depends on where they live. Gorillas on the ground eat leaves and fruits but mainly eat fruits for the largest portion of their diet.

They travel a lot to gather fruit throughout the day. They rarely drink water since their diet sustains their water needs. Mountain gorillas depend on foliage like pith, shoots, stems, and leaves for their diets. They don’t eat a lot of fruit since it’s hard to come by in the mountains.

They usually live in small groups called troops. The leader of the troop is usually the oldest male gorillas or silverback. A silverback gorilla is one above the age of 10 years old since their hair starts to go silver with age.

Females and young are also part of the troop, although on rare occasion multiple males may also be part of the troop. However, the silverback is the main leader who makes all the decisions for the group and keeps them safe.

They are very intelligent animals, especially in terms of emotional intelligence. Gorillas in captivity like Koko have also managed to learn the sign language for communication with humans. They have two subspecies, both of which are critically endangered. There are only 5,000 gorillas left, 24 of which are in zoos.

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