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Fennec Fox – The Smallest Fox in the World

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The smallest fox in the world is called the Fennec fox. It has really cute, large ears of more than six inches. They are larger than its whole face and look as though they have been taken on loan from a bigger creature.

The Fennec fox lives in North Africa, mostly found in the sandy areas of the Sahara desert. They sleep during the day and travel in the night. Being nocturnal helps them stay away from the otherwise searing heat of the day in the desert. They have a high pitched yelp and are quick, agile animals.

They have adapted their bodies to help keep them cool as well. The huge ears resembling bats help them radiate body heat. Their long, thick hair also insulates these foxes during the nights when it turns cold, but protects them from the hot sun in the day time.

The cream color of their hair also reflects that in the day time, but keeps them warm during nights. The sand in the desert can also turn quite hot. Their hairy feet help them from this hot sand and even help to dig through the sand. They burrow deep into the sand to create underground dens.

The Fennec fox lives in small community of ten individual foxes and mate for life. They resemble their larger fox counterparts when it comes to territory. They are aggressive to competition during the mating season. After mating, it is recorded that the males become protective of the females and even bring them food during pregnancy.

They eat whatever is easy to find as they are omnivores from rodents, eggs, insects, and reptiles to plants that they forage. They have the ability to last really long periods without water as they live in the desert area.

They are really cute animals with black-tipped tails, cream hair, and large ears. This makes them really popular in illegal pet trade that harms their numbers. They are also often hunted for their fur by the natives of the region. They are usually kept in captivity and there isn’t much information on Fennec foxes in the wild.

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Impressive Nature

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