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baby monkey playing outdoors

Baby Monkeys – Such a Cute Animal

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Monkeys only birth every couple of years and on average the gestation periods take around 164 days. Once they are born they are taken care of mainly by their mothers, but often all the females work as a unit to take care for them.

The males also pitch in to take care of them and can often be seen playing and entertaining them. Baby monkeys are considered adults when they reach the age of five or four years old.

Most baby monkeys hang from the mother’s neck or ride her back. Mothers and babies have a very strong bond and a lot of cases have been recorded where the mother has even her life to protect her child. She is often recorded to nurturing, caring, playing, and laughing with them. The bond is very similar to humans where she often looks at her young adoringly.

They are breastfed until a certain age. After that, mothers show the babies how to look for their own food. They teach them about which fruits to avoid, as well as pass them fruit which is good for them. They teach them to gather the food in one place to make it easier to eat as well.

They also clean and groom them; it is a common sight to see the mother picking out any fleas from their hair. If the mother is separated or dies, baby monkeys are often adopted by their grandmother.

Baby monkeys learn a lot through observation and socialization is a primary way to learn for them. The mothers often encourage them to play with other monkeys, make calls, and find food.

Just like human children, the mothers may also scold them for bad behavior. This allows them to learn about limits and boundaries to keep them safe. They also inherit the social hierarchy of the group from their mothers.

These cute babies are known to thrive in captivity since in the wild they can often be harmed. Breeding centers are being developed around the globe to bring their numbers up since they have dwindled over time due to human activity.

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Impressive Nature

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