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When thinking of these fish, a single image comes to mind: a huge scary beast with sharp teeth. The jaw breaking appearance with large body, fins, and rows of sharp teeth are sure very interesting to watch.

Enjoy and learn more about these amazing ocean fish through our collection of HD wallpaper images of sharks such as Great White Shark, Blacktip and Whitetip Reef Shark, Tiger Shark, Great Hammerhead Shark, Bull Shark, and much more.


• Stunning images with every new tab
• Yahoo! and Google Search
• Apps and bookmarks at your fingertips
• Quick access to most visited sites
• Custom background: up to 20 personal images
• Weather information
• Date and time
• Chill out music

Install Sharks new tab extension and enjoy HD wallpapers of Sharks each time you open a new tab.

Find Sharks new tab extension in the Chrome Store.

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