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Why is the night sky dark?  We see stars all around, so why doesn’t their combined light add up to make our night sky bright?

Take a deep breath before watching these stunning HD images of the celestial sky that become visible on a clear night after the Sun has set.

Get breathtaking HD images of sky at night time to start your day.

Night Sky New Tab is your gateway to a beautiful journey, where you can personalize everything to your liking, share with your network and stay on top of things by getting organized and track your to-do list.


• Customize the dashboard to your taste
• Keep track of your goals with to-do list
• Stunning images with every new tab
• New inspirational photos added regularly
• Search the web using either Yahoo! or Google
• Feel good with chill out music
• Quick access to most visited web sites
• Show apps and bookmarks on new tab
• Live weather updates of your current location
• Custom background: up to 20 personal images

Install Night Sky new tab extension and enjoy HD wallpapers of night sky each time you open a new tab.

Find Night Sky  new tab extension in the Chrome Store.

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